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  Chhatrapati Shri Sambhaji- The Real Hero!

This braveheart prince of Maharasthra has been called as 'Worlike Prince' in London, however this prince so far has been considered as thoughtless and wrathful.

If he has been such. then during the last moments of his life he might have agreed to hand over Maratha empire to Aurangzeb , because it was one of the worst moments in the life of any prince ever. In day to day life beacuse of their busy schedule people do not get time to read the real story of Sambhaji. If the true story of Chhatrapati Sambhaji is present in the form of mega-drama, people will come to know about shambhuraje and allegiance that the soil of Maharashtra owes to this Chhatrapati may be fulfilled.

In this mega drama, contemperary language, drapery and sets have been presened to help audience to relate with the past and give a real life feel.

The intensive research and reading of the literature on Sambhaji and the arose in the mind has led to this compelling desire to present this novel portait of this young-dynamic king in front of viewers.
The language of Kavi Kalash is 'Kanoji' and diffrent from other languages used at that time. Hambirrao Mohite, Yesaji Kank, Kondaji, Mhaloji Ghorpade and Ganojo Shirke Spoke 'mavali' language. Chhatrapati Shivaji, Shambhuraje, and Yesubai used the 'Daphtari' language of kings. I have tried to keep the original expression in these language.

As the Director and dialogue writer feel it necessary to mention some rarely known fact here. The first is that Shambhuraje was a warrior but had a heart of a poet. Secondaly, not many aware that when Aurangzeb come to Maharashtra with his army Sambhaji fought bravely against him.

This prince at the very young age of 14 wrote a 'Sanskrit' epic called 'Budhbushanam' and acquired the title of 'poet Prince' Chhatrapati Shivaji depicted the entire world to live for one's motherland and Shambhuraje depicted the way to die for the soil.

The realization of the enormously difficult task of presenting this second Chhatrapati of the Marathas to you leaves me berft of appropriate expressions and I have find that I have no words to Convey my feelings as effectively as i would like to mention in a nut-shell, a few significant facts about Shambhuraje will leave one in no doubt about his greatness.

Inventor of bullet proof jacket.

Provided protction and finance to the 'Wari' of Dehu to Pandharpur.

Formed well equipped army on the basis of help from foreign technicians.

The first king to make a floating factory of Canons.

The first to build 800 meters bridge to Conquer.

Defeated all his opponents simultaneously.
Made his own factory of explosives.

It is my pleasure to present this great prince, Warrior, Poet and Son of Chhatrapati Shivaji in front of

Cast & crews:

Dr. Amol Kolhe
(Raja Shiv Chatrapati Fame)
Playing "Sambhaji Raje"

Ravi Patvardhan
(Sr. Marathi Film Star )
Playing "Aurangajeb"

Specially Thanks to:
Shri. Bharathsheth Gogavavle, Mahad Matdarsang Sangh.
MLA  Pradipji Jaiswal, Aurangabad (Sambhajinagar).
MLA Anilbhaiya Rathod , Ahmednagar.
Shri. Subhash Deshmukh, Chairperson-lokmangal Group. Solapur.
Shri .Pravindada gaikwad, President-Sambhaji Brigade.
Shri. Deepak Paygude, Chairperson- Lokseva Group.